Monday, 4 February 2013

Airfix Morris Quad & 25pdr

Good evening everyone.

I haven't been posting in a while, since I haven't really been feeling well, morally. It's been a depressing past few weeks, and I've been making some thinking and pondering. I've been rearranging some things, and changing parts of my life.

I am currently waiting to have my paycheck before I order some Italians, so I have been finishing my Airfix Italians, Revell Siberians, Revell DAK, and FJ's.

Anyway, here's some work back from November. 

Crew are a mix of Airfix Ghurkas and original crew.

Easy conversions on the Ghurkas, as seen in this terribly blurry photo.

 I decided to not include the drivers, as they were needed elsewhere.

Up next: Revell/Matchbox Pz.II

Thanks for reading.