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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Medieval Arab Infantry Pt.1 (Hat El Cid Elmoravids)

Here are some of my Arab infantrymen. They are from the Hat Elmoravid box, which comes with a whopping 100 or so figures. Simple detail and easy to paint a lot of them. These are from when I first got them, when I was painting them a lot more drab and sandy looking, whereas my more recnt figures look more colorful.


Once again these are not historicaly accurate, simply pure imagination. I really love this set and would love to get the Andalusian sister set (if I can ever find it). The Arab army I am looking to build might be around 350 infantry figures (3 per stand) representing an even larger army.

Like it or hate it, leave a comment or criticism, all are welcome.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Revell/Preiser WW2 Mid-war German Armoured Infantry 1/72

Here are my Revell/Preiser Germans that will be serving in Operation Barbarossa and Stalingrad. I used the paint my Germans in light grey/brown, but it did not work well with these figures, so I gave them that mid-war grey-green color to their uniforms.


I really love the rolled up sleeves, a shame not many figures have them, since it was so common in the hot summer.

 Excellent figures, highly recommend them. Only problem would be the tremendous extra plastic between limbs and the flash, but besides that worth the time.

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Italeri Chinese Cavalry (or "Samurai Elite Heavy Cavalry")

I got this set along with the two Italeri mongol sets as a Christmas gift from a friend. And spent almost an entire week painting nothing but this set, just to make sure I got them to what they looked like in my head.

For those interested here's the PSR review: http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=1510

But I think the effort was worth it, since my favorite looking set became my favorite figures of my collection.

Once again, these were not painted to be historically accurate, since I didn't find their original colors gave them justice. Instead I painted them for my Fictional Medieval Wargame.

Swordsman, who will be, along with the spear man, making up the second line of the column.

Spear man making up the rest of the second column

Voulgemen on heavy horse, leading the column.

Other Voulgeman pose. This sculpt is my second favorite for all the detail on his armor.

And finally the Mounted Archers, which will be forming either the rear or join with the regular cavalry.

Here they are all together (even though two of the voulgemen are not finished)

These were a blast to paint and I highly recommend this excellently detailed set.

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and have a Happy Halloween


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Medieval Fantasy?! (And a taste of what's to come) pt.1

After 5 months of not posting, I guess I can post something here. Once again I've stopped blogging, but definitely have not stopped painting. In fact I've been painting more than ever. I've acquired many new techniques, and have jumped into a completely new time period, one that never existed: minor fantasy.

Minor? you might be wondering. Yes, Minor because I am not going magical fantasy, but more of a fictional history, using actual historical figures from pre-gunpowder ages and making a universe where they all exist as different cultures. Think A Song of Ice and Fire (or Game of Thrones to some.) I will be using them for some kind of wargame.

But don't worry, I haven't abandoned WW2 and Modern models. In fact I just go through phases on what to paint, WW2 one day, medieval the next.

I have actually moved since my last post to an apartment, and just figured out how I'm gonna store my figures with smaller space, along with setting up my table. Instead of my good old plant growing lite, I'm stuck with a magnifying poseable lamp, still bright but in the way of my painting.

And today I took a few photos. Now these are just sample photos, testing things out. This is definetely not all I've painted, only a couple figures from each "army" (even though I only covered half of my current armies).

So without further chit-chat, here are some previews.

Italeri DAK

Caesar Italian (Greenish/Yellow uniform)

Caesar Bersaglieri (Mustard Uniform)

 Matchbox/Revell Anzac

Caesar Knight (Royalist)

 Caesar Knight (Rebel)

Caesar Knight (Rebel)

 Zvezda Royalist Cavalry (actually Polish Winged Hussars)

Italeri Mountain Tribesman Rider? haven't come up with name for this faction. (actually Mongol Riders set)

Italeri "Samurai Elite Rider" (actually Chinese Cavalry)

Definetely my favorite figure to look at, but painting this was stressful since I had to get it right for it's my favorite pose and armour.

I spent a lot of time with these ones, very good set.

Zvezda Samurai "Royal Archers"

 Zvezda Samurai "Royal Cavalry"

Hat Arab Spearman (El Cid Almoravid Infantry, box comes with almost 100 detailed figures!)

 Zvezda Northern Standard Bearer (Vikings)

 Zvezda "Northern Heavy Riders", I'm giving them an asian colour spice, similar to the real life kievan knights, since their land will be near the Samurai one. (Zvezda Mounted Russian Knights)

 And something I've had for quite a long time but only started serious work on recently, my Northern Longship (Revell 1:45(?) Viking Boat). The crewmen are all Ehmhar (very cool figures, useful for any ship, and eve have a bendable plastic that lets you customize the pose to hold the rams!)

Obviously still a WIP, progress only coming in big pushes.

Ready for some raiding!

And finaly, my Imperial Commander figure, for my sizeable Imperial force (formed of Romans, Greeks and Macedonians) The figure is Alexander the great from the Zvezda Macedonian set.


Oh yes, definetely more to come, especialy since I've only previewed half of what I've done since my last postings!

I have yet to figure out a way to base them (especially those old ones without bases).

Share your feedback (especialy on the new photography format), good or bad, both are welcome! Because you are never perfect, there is always some way you can improve yourself.

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