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Friday, 30 November 2012

Airfix Matilda II

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I've been busy with painting and building, amongst other things. Anyways, here's some old work that I made about a year ago. 

I actually have the Hedgehog variant, but I am not using it for that.

The aerial is actually a broken guitar string I got from a friend. The advantages of bring a modeller and musician!

Should have some new stuff over the weekend, but I need to wait until I get some new sprays to finish my armour and guns.

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Fetured work: Airfix T-34

I hope you have been doing well!

It's Friday, and I am glad that I have a full weekend ahead of me! Today we have some work that I can't take FULL credit for, but I still helped out with. here's my mate's Airfix T-34 that I promised.

 Really excellent work on his part. All I did was spray it and applied the decals, but the rest was taught by me and done by him. 

He also used my supplies, but I'll let that go, this time...

He really loves it (has a nice place on a shelf for it!) and is already wondering where he can get those PSC T-34's!

My latest batch of models still haven't come in yet, so the earliest time possible that I can get them woould be this Tuesday, and I'm busy that night with Jiu-Jitsu!

I've plenty of Desert gun positions I've made the past few nights, and should have some finished shots soon.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Revell/Matchbox ANZAC infantry

This is my first-ever figure post on this site, along with my first OK looking figure photos. Yes, I know this is photography at it's worst, but it should do. Who knows, maybe I will learn new tricks and techniques as I photograph my large infantry collection.

Nice poses, small amount of flash. Unfortunately made of a bendy plastic, which means flaking is an issue. Please note that the bases are far from finished.

I've based my painting lately off of a fellow ATF member who goes by the name of "Kaktus". Very excellent work: http://airfixtributeforum.wonko.myfastforum.org/about25214.html&highlight=kaktus (If you haven't seen his work, definetly take a few mninutes to check it out, you won't regret it!)

These are quite obviously from the Airfix 8th Army (who will be used as ANZACS for El Alamein-era warfare)

The size of these figures is pretty close, and not too noticeable.

One of my favorites of the set, is my "Medic".

I kept the donkey from the set (as there were no donkeys in the North African desert) for a special little novelty surprise, that will be revealed in my next post! :)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Airfix Bofors gun and Tractor

Good day folks! 

As promised, I finally have photos of my Airfix Bofors gun kit. If you are wondering why it took me so damn long, it's because I forgot I had leant my camera to a friend who went on a trip to Halifax, and who just got back yesterday. I am so sorry, but I hope my next few posts can compensate for that!

Very easy and fun to assemble. I really love classic Airfix kits!

(Note the one bit of plastic that isn't painted at the front? That's because I had lost/forgotten about it, and found it when I was done )

I really like this little truck, I should probably get more :).

It seems I have to retouch those decals over the wheels.

After building this gun, I realised that it is almost the exact same model as the Zvezda Russian 37mm AA gun (since the Swedish company Bofors sold guns to almost all european armies before the war), and they also size up quite well!

I've got a bunch of these posts already written, and will be spreading them evenly throughout the week.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gone, but not forgotten...

For a man who collects, builds and paints miniature military models every day all year round, I think it's necessary for me to pay my respects to all veterans, who have to deal with these horrible memories, and to those who didn't come back, and who remain on those fields overseas, or even near there homes. RIP to all honourable men and women who have payed the ultimate sacrifice for others, and to those who survived, and who have to move on, and to those who are still in action, and keeping us in the free state that we are.

I don't think i can think of a more appropriate photo 
than that of the tomb of the unknown soldier in Ottawa, 
covered in poppies.

Thank you, and keep well.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

DAK Force WIP 3

My last post was too big to be kept into one, so I just made too big posts instead!

Here's the Zvezda Reconnaissance Squad. Very nice and crisp kit, although some of the figures were a little frustrating to put together, especially with tacky fingers after constructing other models!

Revell "German Artillery"  or 10.5 cm le FH 18 Light Field Howitzer, painted in tropical scheme. Very varied kit, and also very affordable, with 2 guns, 7 horses, 1 carriage, 8 riders, 7 gun crew, and all sorts of little goodies and accesories, annd all for the price of one ordinary infantry set! All it demands really is a bit of work on converting the folded gun, but that's about it.

Here they are, ready to give vthose doughboys a little more resistance than they would have wanted...

Here are some of the mighty steeds that will be towing some my artillery on the eastern and western front of Europe since they were never used on the African front.

 They still need a wash and dusting, but besides that their pretty much done.

 At the same time, I couldn't help but repaint my Italian 90/53 AA/AT gun and crew. I don't know why, but lately I've really been loving the look and feal of the Italian campaign in North Africa. More Italians soon, maybe...

 Thanks for reading this, I really appreciate you guys viewing and liking these, it always makes me very proud and glad that I post my work here.

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, 2 November 2012

DAK Force WIP 2

Here are some photos I took last night of my ever expanding Afrika Korps force. I have sufficient models for a nice game, and just need to finish painting/building scenery.

Armourfast Pz III's being led into action by a more powerful Pz IV. I couldn't wait for the PSC Pz III's to come out, so I had to settle down with the simpler choice. I don't think PSC will release theirs for a good while anyways.

Close up of  the Pz III. I didn't add much stowage, and only painted on a little palm tree DAK badge next to the MG on the hull.

 Bring on those Shermans, you bloody Yanks!

More of an infantry/soft armoured vehicle destroyer rather than an "Anti-Tank Gun" . Hat PAK 36. No markings or badges added to these boys yet. Two guns go to the FJ's, and two to my DAK as light guns.

Now on to some AA support, the excellent Zvezda 20mm Flak gun. An affordable, neat little kit that's worth every cent! I think the loader is the best figure I've painted yet (unfortunately my photography skills ruined it!).

I decided that the odd/spare Opel Blitz I had would be quite interesting to have as a transport on which to directly mount my AA. I found some reference photos online, and built the bed of the truck out of popsicle sticks.

I made it so it can be removeable, that way I can switch thye AA bed with the ordinary one. (Please don't be too hard on the truck, it was my first model when I came back a few years ago, and has been repainted countless times!).

While looking for photos for reference, I found that their were some that showed the gu in a bed (like the previous photos), and some in a the back of bthe truck directly, like the following photos.

Now, a question springs to my mind. Which is the superior set-up? I'd like to hear your ideas.

Can't you just here Richard Wagner's "ride of the Valkyries" playing? This should be enough to make my American force soil their trousers!

Thanks for reading, and goodnight to all!