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Friday, 2 November 2012

DAK Force WIP 2

Here are some photos I took last night of my ever expanding Afrika Korps force. I have sufficient models for a nice game, and just need to finish painting/building scenery.

Armourfast Pz III's being led into action by a more powerful Pz IV. I couldn't wait for the PSC Pz III's to come out, so I had to settle down with the simpler choice. I don't think PSC will release theirs for a good while anyways.

Close up of  the Pz III. I didn't add much stowage, and only painted on a little palm tree DAK badge next to the MG on the hull.

 Bring on those Shermans, you bloody Yanks!

More of an infantry/soft armoured vehicle destroyer rather than an "Anti-Tank Gun" . Hat PAK 36. No markings or badges added to these boys yet. Two guns go to the FJ's, and two to my DAK as light guns.

Now on to some AA support, the excellent Zvezda 20mm Flak gun. An affordable, neat little kit that's worth every cent! I think the loader is the best figure I've painted yet (unfortunately my photography skills ruined it!).

I decided that the odd/spare Opel Blitz I had would be quite interesting to have as a transport on which to directly mount my AA. I found some reference photos online, and built the bed of the truck out of popsicle sticks.

I made it so it can be removeable, that way I can switch thye AA bed with the ordinary one. (Please don't be too hard on the truck, it was my first model when I came back a few years ago, and has been repainted countless times!).

While looking for photos for reference, I found that their were some that showed the gu in a bed (like the previous photos), and some in a the back of bthe truck directly, like the following photos.

Now, a question springs to my mind. Which is the superior set-up? I'd like to hear your ideas.

Can't you just here Richard Wagner's "ride of the Valkyries" playing? This should be enough to make my American force soil their trousers!

Thanks for reading, and goodnight to all!

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