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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Italeri M3A1 Conversion Update

Had a little fun a while back and decided to convert one of my boring Italeri M3 Us Halftracks into an M3A1, wich I find much more interesting looking. I can also fit a lot more figures in it without the 50 cal. turret having to be in the middle.

Very simple, yet very tricky.  It takes a bit of sanding, gluing, re-sanding, re-gluing, re-adjusting, etc....

Made with plastic (bases cut from figures), and a toothpick working as the support pole. Then I removed a little off the top of the door and visor.

Although frustrating at times, in the it was worth it. I kept the other one without it, to add a little diversity. It may seem simple to the rivet-counters, but hey, wargaming isn't for rivet-counters now is it!

Thanks for reading, and new stuff tomorrow!

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