Saturday, 22 June 2013

Zimmerit fit for a King?

King Tiger that is.

I recently refurbished a hideous King Tiger II painted a couple years ago, and decided to try something new. I thought I'd add some Zimmerit paste to it.

I found quite a few tutorials, and stuck with the one that uses PlayDough. One embarassing trip to the dollar store later, and I started my experiment.

*Here's the Article (sorry it's in French, but those of you who cannot speak it just put it through Google translate):

Not perfect, but it's the first time I ever try anything like this.

I have since nearly finished the Zimmerit, but I wonder what you guys (and gals?) actually think about it before I paint it. Very honest answers are appreciated (and congratulated), I will not be offended.

Next time it is sunny (which may be Wednesday!), I will take more pictures. I am also on the edge of purchasing multiple Russian kits (Mainly PSC) off, so expect to see some Soviet models over the summer.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Revell M7 Priest

Good evening,
I found this little surprise at my local Hobby Shop a couple of months ago and was surprised since this beauty is discontinued (Why is it that all 1/72 M7 kits get discontinued?). It was the only one there, and the only time I ever saw it. I will be getting two more this summer since it turns out a shop in Montreal has plenty, and my Doughboys need some mobile artillery support.

I don't understand why the box shows Brits using it, since they don't even supply a British crew!

Amazingly frustrating and time consuming for a little Matchbox kit, but definitely worth it.

Thanks for reading, up next are my PSC M4A1's, and a WIP on applying Zimmerit on an old refurbished Tiger II I built a couple years ago.