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Friday, 25 January 2013

Revell Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO

Good evening.

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday, and will have a wonderful start to your weekend.

Here is part of that huge Revell kit I bought after Christmas. Surprisingly, they even included the Earth Spade, wich means I got an exact reboxing of the following kit:

Since these photos, I've found instructions for the Earth Spade, and have finished it (as a removable piece). The riders are from the Revell German Artillery set.

A real beast of a vehicle. I could see why they would name it the Bull. A friend of mine mentioned that it looked lie a massive boat on tracks, and I completely agree with him.

Seems like the crewman on the left is bothering the figure to his left. Silly lad.

Although it's hard to see in this pathetic photo, the Sd.kfz 9 is almost twice the size of the 251.

A true powerhouse. It will obviously be used to tow my Morser that I got with it, wich is what I will be posting next.

Cheers! and Thanks for Reading!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Airfix M3 Grant

Good evening everyone!

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. Anyway, here's some work from all the way back in November!

Very nice kit, enjoyed it very much. The parts fit nicely. The M3 was definitely an interesting looking vehicle!

The only problem I had with this kit (besides it's awkward scale), is the non fitting and underscaled Grant turret. Strangely the Lee turret works fine.

This tank will be part of my "M-Squadron" of my 8th army Tank regiment, along with two M4's.

Up next: Revell Sd.Kfz 9 FAMO

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Revell (Matchbox) Monty's Caravan

Good evening!

I hope you are all feeling well, and that none of you have a cold or the flu, like I've had for the whole damned week!

Here`s some more Christmas work. This time it`s the full sheebang, Monty`s Caravan itself (or in this case, a generic Ausstralian Command truck).

Very nice but quite a fiddly kit, if I remember.

The ladder was added to the back, and the rolled tarp was made of kleenex rolled up and glued.

Here is our first commander. I don't know his name yet, but if anyone knows their ANZAC Generals, please offer a name.

EDIT- He has now been repainted as General D. Eisenhower.

And here is the man himself, Bernard Montgomery. More of a novelty piece, since he was not directly on the field with the ANZACs, but I took a little extra time painting this one.

Brilliant kit. Definitely recommend (also, the cabin was originally from an Italian truck, so it could be removed, placed on an Italian chassis, and a bed made for the remaining British chassis.)

Thanks for reading, and don`t worry, there`s PLENTY more to come!

Up Next- Airfix M3 Grant


Friday, 11 January 2013

Matchbox (Revell) Armoured Reconaissance

Good evening folks!

Here's some more of my Christmas Break work. 

First up is the excellent Revell (ex, Matchbox) Humber Mk.II, all suited up for some North African raiding action.

Brilliant kit, very easy and a joy to put together.

Next up is the tiny Revell (Matchbox) Dingo, from the "Monty's Caravan" kit.

The crewman with the binoculars is from the Humber, and the Driver is from the Airfix Quad & 25 pdr.

This will build up the core of my LRDG reconaissance group, (Along with the Revell LRDG set, my airfix jeep and possibly a few UC's or a Vickers Tanks).

Up next is Monty's Caravan itself, wich will (universalisticly) be the HQ for my 8th Army.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Airfix US M4 Shermans (Tunisia+Sicily)

Good evening folks!

I got this kit from a friend (Actually it was a Calliope, but I'm not using that on my Sherman.) Luckily, I already had another one that desperately needed a repaint (wich itself was originally a Crab variant, and then a flamethrower tank!) , so it was a "two birds with one stone" situation.

I put way too much weathering powders (that I need to remove). I added some "Hull Rings/Hooks/Loops" that I scratchbuilt from plasticard (bread clips), and cables built from stripped electrical wire.

Decals from the excellent Italeri Sherman III's.

50.cals are once again from the Pegasus LCVP.

I am wondering what to do with the extra Rocket Launchers, any ideas?

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Zvezda DAK 88mm Flak 36

Good day fellow readers!

I finally gave myself a good slap to the face, and took some god damn photos of my models! (I think I am about 2 months behind!)

Here's a wonderful little kit I picked up at my LMS a couple of weeks ago. Very nice and neat little kit, a lot more fragile than I expected. This may be the most detailed 1/72 Flak 36 Plastic Model on the market (Apart from the ridiculously priced Revell one). It says that there is no glue required, but I would still recommend using some.

 I always thought that the 88 was a very powerful and very menacing looking gun. I can see why this thing gave Allied tankers nightmares!

Useful for just about every German Campaign of the Second World War, this gun can definitely find it's way into your German forces, be it Afrika Korps or Waffen SS.

Here it is snuggled into one of the Flak positions I made a few months ago. It still needs some touch ups, and another layer on the ground. The crew don't have their bases either.

Set comes with 4 crewman (of which one is  sitting on the gun).

Wonderful kit, that even includes decals. Compared to Revell's 25$ CAD kit, I think 12$ CAD for a highly detailed gun AND four excellent crewmen is a much better bargain for us wargamers.  I definitely recommend it.

And about the mule, I decided to name it Francis (meaning either  Francisco Franco, enemy of Stalin, or Francis the mule, movie star). Big thanks to everyone, and to Paul and Annibal Invictus for the winning name.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Competition: Name This Mule!

Well, I guess I have to say it. Happy 2013 folks! Let's hope with joy and fortune fills your next year!

Painting has been sloppy yesterday on some Revell Figures, I guess that is to be expected while your drinking Brandy and watching Aliens!

Anyways, I have a little competition for you today. I had gotten this donkey (and mortar) from the Matchbox ANZAC set. And, since donkeys weren't present in the African Campaign, decided to give it to my humble Soviets, who always had to make do with what bthey could find, (especially early in the war). Therefore I made this little donkey carry a (very generic) mortar, as a makeshift mortar, and round, carrier.

But an issue arose. What to name the little guy? I want it to be something clever and a little funny, like Adolf or something, but am instead, open to any Ideas you may give me. 

Even if he's a novelty unit, I'd still like a semi-accurate name (one that the Russians would name their personal donkey for fun).

Thanks for reading!