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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Zvezda DAK 88mm Flak 36

Good day fellow readers!

I finally gave myself a good slap to the face, and took some god damn photos of my models! (I think I am about 2 months behind!)

Here's a wonderful little kit I picked up at my LMS a couple of weeks ago. Very nice and neat little kit, a lot more fragile than I expected. This may be the most detailed 1/72 Flak 36 Plastic Model on the market (Apart from the ridiculously priced Revell one). It says that there is no glue required, but I would still recommend using some.

 I always thought that the 88 was a very powerful and very menacing looking gun. I can see why this thing gave Allied tankers nightmares!

Useful for just about every German Campaign of the Second World War, this gun can definitely find it's way into your German forces, be it Afrika Korps or Waffen SS.

Here it is snuggled into one of the Flak positions I made a few months ago. It still needs some touch ups, and another layer on the ground. The crew don't have their bases either.

Set comes with 4 crewman (of which one is  sitting on the gun).

Wonderful kit, that even includes decals. Compared to Revell's 25$ CAD kit, I think 12$ CAD for a highly detailed gun AND four excellent crewmen is a much better bargain for us wargamers.  I definitely recommend it.

And about the mule, I decided to name it Francis (meaning either  Francisco Franco, enemy of Stalin, or Francis the mule, movie star). Big thanks to everyone, and to Paul and Annibal Invictus for the winning name.

Thanks for reading!


  1. FF,
    Nice looking work! Thanks for posting this. I was contemplating buying one for a Disposable Heroes North Africa skirmish game but refused to pay Revell's prices.


    1. Steven,

      I would also consider Italeri's offering. It's almost a fast build (17 parts) and comes with 8 crew. You can see more details and some useful links here:

      Cheers, Dave

    2. Thanks Steven! I think the Revell offering is really just for display. For those "Rivet-Counters" (Even though this offering has excellent detail!).

      @Dave: I forgot to mention that one (I don't know why, since I'm buying one next month!). The Italeri one is a perfect DAK model, but is also very very rare to find in stores, and is priced pretty high online.

      Here is a nice comparison I found:

      Thanks guys!