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Friday, 6 December 2013

Plastic Soldier Company T-70 Light Tank

My sincerest apologies to anyone who actually wanted to see me post. I have a ton of photos I took a few months ago, that I will post here every couple days (maybe with less writing, and more talking in the comments so I could post them faster). I just never feel like writing something and sorting through these photos, while I got things to do and models to paint!

But just because I haven't been posting, does not mean I haven't been painting. If anything I'd say my new technique for painting infantry has greatly ameliorated. I have devised two separate techniques: one for medieval (fantasy) and the other for WW2.

These little suckers were easy to build, and tiny as hell. My smallest tanks.

They came out a little glossy in the photos.

Here is the Soviet tank force so far.

Noww that I'm done with my Russian photos, would you guys wanna see my new WW2 American M3 halftracks and M5 Stuarts? Or my Gulf War Us Marines force?

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Pegasus KV-1 and KV-2

Here are Pegasus's offering of the KV heavy tank. (Only plastic one on the market if I'm correct.) Very easy to build with nice details, two models per box.

Toolbox needs painting.

You get the option to build both turrets in each box.

 I still need to write some Russian words on the sides of these two.

Up next are the Psc T70s.

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Plastic Soldier Company T-34

Good evening everyone, and welcome back!

Well, I finally got to posting these suckers. Very easy build (as anyone who has ever built PSC kits can tell you), and also fairly cheap (in bulk). I`m not completely done, as you can see with the unpainted boxes and unweathered spare tracks. The lighting made them come out as a lot more dark and glossy than they actually are.

I will add some markings etc. someday in the near future.

Since these will be more late war, each one will have crudely painted white lines, and inpiring messages in Russian speaking of Berlin.

Tanks for reading, (well, I didn`t really add much personality or text). Anyways, I have just taken a ton of photos on just about all my finished (and half finished products), and am wondering what to post once I`m done.

Also, I have since gotten some Medieval Arabs, Winter Soviets, Soviet support, and  some armored reinforcements for both my DAk and 8th Army, Along with a Bersaglieri Motorcycle platoon coming in the mail anyday.

Will you be more interested in Gulf War Usmc, Pacific Campaign infantry, more WW2 Desert Forces, or my PSC US/British Halftracks and Stuarts? I also have some scans of uniforms from Osprey Books I got from a friend I can post if you want.

Anyways, share your opinions, be it negative or positive, in the comments, and tell me what you would like to see next.

Thanks for visiting,

Friday, 11 October 2013

DAK 88mm Flak's and Mounts

Good day all.

Sorry for not posting in a few months, but those of you who follow this blog have no doubt noticed that I cannot post on a regular basis, but boy do I have a lot to post! Here is a post I started about a month or two ago.

I have already displayed my Zvezda DAK Flak 88 earlier this year, and now it's time for my rendition of Italeri's offering to take center stage. Here it is in all it's greasy glory!

No decals, but that's a little much to ask from a quick build gun (even though Zvezda did it).

Excellent crew and set, only problem was that the pin to make the gun swivel across the base broke very easily.

Less detailed but much sturdier than the Zvezda offering. I love this one for it's numerous and detailed crew, yet I also like the gun from Zvezda's better. I'd recomend getting both, and mixing the crews, since they mix well.

Here is the Zvezda gun fitting perfectly on the Airfix mount. I got the Airfix set from a friend who had gotten it for himself, but got so frustrated he simply gave up on it and gave it to me.

What should I photograph next? My Russian Army, my Pacific Campaign starter, or my 1990's Us Marines? They should be posted some time next week, since I will be going on vacation during the following week.

Comments and criticisms welcome!

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Plastic Soldier Company M4A1 Sherman (Us Army in North Africa and Italy)

Well I'm finally doing it, posting the Shermans I've been rambling on about all this time. These very well might be my favorite models that I have ever built.

The decals were extras from the Italeri Fast-build M4A3's.

The extra stowage is a mix of scrath-built and kit-supplied goodies. (From various kits.)

I'm very happy with how they came out, and am very much looking forward to getting another box for my 8th Army.

Comments and criticisms welcome!

Thank you for reading, and coming up next is my Airfix/Italeri 88mm Tow.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Promising new sets from Pegasus Hobbies!

Good evening all,

I wasn't gonna post until tomorrow morning, but I just found some fantastic news that seems to have not been brought up by anyone yet.

Pegasus Hobbies are finally releasing more sets, and when I say more sets, I mean a LOT.

Figure Sets:
PGH-7224 WWII German Fallschirmjäger

PGH-7271 WWII Russian Infantry in Greatcoats

PGH-7272 WWII Russian Infantry in Winter Dress Set 2

PGH-7273 WWII Russian Mortar Teams in Greatcoats

PGH-7274 WWII Russian Support Weapon Teams in Greatcoats

Model Kits:
PGH-7627 WWII German Tiger II Tanks (2)

PGH-7661 WWII Russian T-34/76 Tanks (2)
PGH-7663 WWII Russian Su-85M/100 Assault Gun 
PGH-7664 WWII Russian Su-122 Assault Gun 

They should be released mid-Autumn. This is all I found, and for those interested you can pre-order them on Mitchtoy.com.

Any thoughts on them? Share your opinions in the comment section.

Thanks for reading, and remember to check in tomorrow because I will be posting my PSC M4A1 Sherman's.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hat 10cm Feldhaubitze M.14 and Hat WWI Italian Artillery Crew (Italian Desert Artillery WW2)

I think the title is a little too long, but I got to include the names somewhere.

Finally got my Russians in the mail last Thursday. I have already painted around 30 Russians, and Built and painted all of my armor. All that I need to do now is wash and weather them.

Here are the Italian guns and crew I have finished from Hat. Still more guns to go, but the crews are pretty much done.

The wood stoked wheels need to be replaced, since they will not be horse drawn.

The pith helmets were made out of the WW1 Italian helmets provided in the set.

Along with my Italeri gun, that makes 4 medium Artillery and 1 Heavy artillery, all with their corresponding crew, plentiful enough for my Italian force.

Up next are my PSC Shermans, tanks I loved to build and had some fun customizing each one of them.

Comments and criticisms are welcome!
Thanks for reading,

Monday, 29 July 2013

Airfix Bedford Qlt/Qld (Europe and Africa)

Good afternoon everyone,

Here's my lightly modded Bedford QLD  and QLT from the Airfix set I got a couple months ago. Excellent quality plastic and details. Very easy to build, if a high number of pieces doesn't scare you. Good price too, at 15$ for two detailed trucks. I will need to buy another set later to complete my armies.

I needed transport for both my 8th army and NWEuropean british army, yet didn't want to buys four of this kit for each to have two. Which is why I was relieved to hear that the QLT was never used in the desert. So now I am splitting them into both campaigns.

Here's my QLD converted to carry men for the 8th Army. (The Bren was initially from an old Airfix 8th army figure.)

I made the benches out of Popsicle sticks.

I still haven't weathered it since I haven't decided what Decals to put on it.

Here's my QLT now, on the one side that has the cammo finished, and the Bren needs to be added:

And this is where the Hat British Tank Riders would have sit, if they were still in production.

Up next is my Italian Artillery from Hat.

Comments and criticisms are welcome!

Thank you for reading!