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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hat 10cm Feldhaubitze M.14 and Hat WWI Italian Artillery Crew (Italian Desert Artillery WW2)

I think the title is a little too long, but I got to include the names somewhere.

Finally got my Russians in the mail last Thursday. I have already painted around 30 Russians, and Built and painted all of my armor. All that I need to do now is wash and weather them.

Here are the Italian guns and crew I have finished from Hat. Still more guns to go, but the crews are pretty much done.

The wood stoked wheels need to be replaced, since they will not be horse drawn.

The pith helmets were made out of the WW1 Italian helmets provided in the set.

Along with my Italeri gun, that makes 4 medium Artillery and 1 Heavy artillery, all with their corresponding crew, plentiful enough for my Italian force.

Up next are my PSC Shermans, tanks I loved to build and had some fun customizing each one of them.

Comments and criticisms are welcome!
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