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Monday, 29 July 2013

Airfix Bedford Qlt/Qld (Europe and Africa)

Good afternoon everyone,

Here's my lightly modded Bedford QLD  and QLT from the Airfix set I got a couple months ago. Excellent quality plastic and details. Very easy to build, if a high number of pieces doesn't scare you. Good price too, at 15$ for two detailed trucks. I will need to buy another set later to complete my armies.

I needed transport for both my 8th army and NWEuropean british army, yet didn't want to buys four of this kit for each to have two. Which is why I was relieved to hear that the QLT was never used in the desert. So now I am splitting them into both campaigns.

Here's my QLD converted to carry men for the 8th Army. (The Bren was initially from an old Airfix 8th army figure.)

I made the benches out of Popsicle sticks.

I still haven't weathered it since I haven't decided what Decals to put on it.

Here's my QLT now, on the one side that has the cammo finished, and the Bren needs to be added:

And this is where the Hat British Tank Riders would have sit, if they were still in production.

Up next is my Italian Artillery from Hat.

Comments and criticisms are welcome!

Thank you for reading!


  1. You've done a fine job there.

    1. Thanks John,it all depends on the initial quality of the models!

  2. Great work mate. Beautiful painting.

    1. Thanks! The sprays really seamed to appreciate the new Airfix plastic.