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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Italeri Cannone da 149/40 with crew

Well, here I am.

Sorry for not posting, been working extra shifts, along with frequently visiting Ottawa Bluesfest and Arriving home around 1am. I also had to put my sweet old dog down, which wasn't easy for me at all.

On a better note, I have my Russians on their way, and have just yesterday received a surprising package from an incredibly generous reader. I'll be honest, I was worried when I opened it, since their are some scary people on the internet, and giving your address to them may not be the best thing to do, but this one turned out not to be one of those, and instead the most generous person I've ever met. They were very humble about even adding multiple extra little goodies, such as

-3x Complete Revell Crew (7 figures) from the German Artillery Set
-3x copies of the Officer figure from the Pegasus German Mortar Set,
-3x Der Fuhrer patting two Hitler Jugend on the head from the Pegasus Set (Vignette)
-A 30$ book from Osprey on the Desert Rats!

Thank you so much Lilith, now I have to send you something!

Anyways, here is my Italian Heavy Artillery I got a couple months ago but only painted last week:

 Excellent Model. Not as big and detailed as the Revell Gun, but Faster to build and stronger.

The crew were excellent figures, some of Italeri's finest sculpts (Except for the Office with the megaphone). I hope the rumors about them making a set of Italians for North Africa are true, because I would love to see more of this!

The crew will be based, once I figure out an appropriate way of doing so.

Now, what to post next?
- Italeri Flak 88
-PSC M4A1 Shermans
-Airfix Bedford QLD/QLT
-More Italian Artillery! (Hat)

Leave your vote below in the comments.

Thanks for reading (and for some, thanks for donating!)
Feels great to be posting again!


  1. Good Morning Ottawa!
    Thanks for the flowers again, Robert - but the most generous person in the world is nothing but the disguise for the person with the worlds greatest bits-box, a person so damned picky & obsessed...
    The Osprey-paperback was a prize I won some weeks before for becoming 6th (out of 19) during a gamesday - except for the blood my 9th division Tobruk-aussies lost I had no costs at all.
    I've been reading it, copied some details, but then the book was pretty useless to me, so I took the chance to bring it on it's way to someone who might make better use of it...
    You owe me nothing, I'm just happy the "eco"-package didn't break and the figures arrived safe and sound - I wouldn't use them in this life, so it was just a constructive way to get rid of them - maybe the "fuhrer" will make a great general Paulus?!
    I'm looking forward for your soviet models, for now I vote for the Bedfords (a project I delayed in favor of a Sdkfz 251/1 rocketartillery company...)
    Have fun, keep on modelling and posting!

    1. Saying thanks is the least I can do and I feel bad. THe book has found very good use! All the figures were perfectly fine, until I swapped (and lost) some heads. I turned two of the Hitlers into ordinary German Generals (Paulus, Manstein or Rommel). Since you seem to be the only vote, I guess Bedford's it is!

      Thanks a million!