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Friday, 11 October 2013

DAK 88mm Flak's and Mounts

Good day all.

Sorry for not posting in a few months, but those of you who follow this blog have no doubt noticed that I cannot post on a regular basis, but boy do I have a lot to post! Here is a post I started about a month or two ago.

I have already displayed my Zvezda DAK Flak 88 earlier this year, and now it's time for my rendition of Italeri's offering to take center stage. Here it is in all it's greasy glory!

No decals, but that's a little much to ask from a quick build gun (even though Zvezda did it).

Excellent crew and set, only problem was that the pin to make the gun swivel across the base broke very easily.

Less detailed but much sturdier than the Zvezda offering. I love this one for it's numerous and detailed crew, yet I also like the gun from Zvezda's better. I'd recomend getting both, and mixing the crews, since they mix well.

Here is the Zvezda gun fitting perfectly on the Airfix mount. I got the Airfix set from a friend who had gotten it for himself, but got so frustrated he simply gave up on it and gave it to me.

What should I photograph next? My Russian Army, my Pacific Campaign starter, or my 1990's Us Marines? They should be posted some time next week, since I will be going on vacation during the following week.

Comments and criticisms welcome!

Thanks for reading,