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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Hat Alexander's Macedonian Hypaspists

 Good morning!

 Here are the creme of Alexander's army, the elite infantry. I had fun trying out different colours on these guys, but I do not want to go as far as the osprey books did, and have them look like rainbows.

I really like how this guy's helmet turned out, it is exactly how I wanted it. Unfortunately I could not replicate it on the other ones since the wash was too dark.

Up next I will be posting my Numidian army, being completely finished painting the Zvezda set, and having finished the infantrymen from the Hat set.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Hat Iberian Warriors Pt.1

Here they are in the plain old white clothes and red lines. I have more in different more creative colors coming up, and it turns out you can bend them and they'll stay that way, making the more flat poses (especially the slinger) a lot more interesting!

This fellow's spear broke so I replaced it with a sword from the Caesar Hoplite set (probably not accurate, but close enough from afar!)

My favorite pose of the set.




 Very nice poses and good detail, thinking about picking up another box along with the Orion one. Shame there are no armored figures to use as chieftains, seems like I will have to make some myself!

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