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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Hat Alexander's Macedonian Hypaspists

 Good morning!

 Here are the creme of Alexander's army, the elite infantry. I had fun trying out different colours on these guys, but I do not want to go as far as the osprey books did, and have them look like rainbows.

I really like how this guy's helmet turned out, it is exactly how I wanted it. Unfortunately I could not replicate it on the other ones since the wash was too dark.

Up next I will be posting my Numidian army, being completely finished painting the Zvezda set, and having finished the infantrymen from the Hat set.

Thanks for reading,
and have a good weekend!


  1. Great work mate!
    Do the rest of the shields look as good as that freehand design you've done in the last pic?

    1. Thanks Sarge!

      And yeah, they sure do look the same! I only took one photo of each figure since I was uploading them to another site.