Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf110E/E-2 Trop.

Back to my bread and butter, WW2.

Today I will be featuring one of the planes I built and painted about a year ago, yet just realized was not uploaded.

It is not 100% accurate, and only my third plane, completely botching the first two. It will serve for wargaming though, as a bomber for my DAK and Italians.

Excellent medium sized plane, and goes for very cheap (16$ in my country). Very nicely detailed and an excellent strong mold. Even comes with two little pilots, although they is definitely nothing noteworthy about their quality.

This was more of an experiment which taught me a lot, and my first plane I didn't completely wreck.

Thanks for viewing, and for those who like elephants, I might post my Hat Indian war elephants painted up to be Persian styled.

Have a good evening,

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Zvezda 1/72 Macedonian/Carthagian War Elephants

Hello once again on this beautiful warm sunny thursday afternoon, today I will be sharing my armoured war elephants from Zvezda, a set I got a year ago and finished a few months back (and am now posting!)

Once again these weren't painted for historical accuracy, just for what I thought looked good. They will be in my Imperial Army, but will be the only elephants in that faction, being captured or elephants whose trainers defected etc. and will not be used en masse like my Persian/Arab ones will be.

 Of all the excellent poses in this set, this is my favorite one right here.

Thanks for viewing, I might post some photos of my Roman Trireme next time I'm able to post, or maybe some colourful persians.

Have a nice weekend!