Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Promising new sets from Pegasus Hobbies!

Good evening all,

I wasn't gonna post until tomorrow morning, but I just found some fantastic news that seems to have not been brought up by anyone yet.

Pegasus Hobbies are finally releasing more sets, and when I say more sets, I mean a LOT.

Figure Sets:
PGH-7224 WWII German Fallschirmjäger

PGH-7271 WWII Russian Infantry in Greatcoats

PGH-7272 WWII Russian Infantry in Winter Dress Set 2

PGH-7273 WWII Russian Mortar Teams in Greatcoats

PGH-7274 WWII Russian Support Weapon Teams in Greatcoats

Model Kits:
PGH-7627 WWII German Tiger II Tanks (2)

PGH-7661 WWII Russian T-34/76 Tanks (2)
PGH-7663 WWII Russian Su-85M/100 Assault Gun 
PGH-7664 WWII Russian Su-122 Assault Gun 

They should be released mid-Autumn. This is all I found, and for those interested you can pre-order them on

Any thoughts on them? Share your opinions in the comment section.

Thanks for reading, and remember to check in tomorrow because I will be posting my PSC M4A1 Sherman's.


  1. Very interesting now with Chain of Command about to be released. I'll be playing both with 28mm and 20mm; the supports weapons sets are a good addition to my Red Army collecttion. I have some Pegasus models and they are fine in general. Nonetheless I'll be waiting for the reviews at

    1. It's great that they released them in winter uniform, since PSC's fantastic sets are in summer. PSR is where I heard the news about this!

  2. 1 Winter Set nr 2 and 1 Greatcoat Set and it's headswapping time for my Winter War force!

    1. I can't make up my mind between the two, Guess I'll have to get both!