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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Kasserine Pass Terrain WIP Pt.2

Hello folks!

I have great news: my latest haul came in yesterday! I am very surprised about this, as they shipped it less than a week ago! Much better than the month-long wait I was "treated' to the last few times.

I've been painting like crazy, and am really impressed with these sets. I think the painting has gotten to my head, literately  after all this spraying, I am feeling nauseous and dizzy, and can't think too straight :S. Listen up, I hope you learned a lesson! Anyways, I finished the trench and house, and also made a pair of artillery positions to hold my excellent Revell howitzers. I decided to pose them, and see what I can do with the terrain I have so far. I just started posing, and it came out like this. When the real game comes, I'll take a much bigger table, but the old air hockey table will do for now, eh! Anyways, I devised the scene into a little village in the east (I will have much more little buildings stacked up to make a stuffed village with narrow streets). Panzers and PAK 36's will be hiding between and behind the buildings, waiting to take pot-shots at those damned Yanks. The Americans will be coming from the East in a column of lorries guarded by Sherman(s?) and M10's. There mission will be a straight forward head on assault on  (the purely fictional) Mubarak Manor (last name of a terrible past leader, and also egyptian for "Blessed one"), the largest house of the village, and previously owned by a wealthy family, before being turned into a vantage point and headquarters for a whole German Division. If the Americans want to get those Germans out of the area, Mubarak manor is there first stop. 

Short Version: It houses the top officers of the area and provides an excellent vantage point for the artillery to pinpoint the incoming Yanks, and those Yanks want it.

Skyrim map provides a suitable landscape, for now.

I will not be using this Italian gun, it is only there for show.

The 2 PAK 40`s will be in the forward nests (with the netting cover), and the Howitzers will be in the further ones.

There will be much more buildings here, and the ''Blown up'' building nearest to the camera is a rather pathetic attempt of an Egyptian diorama I made last year, and will not be present during the game.

The recon team will be much farther, and will hopefully not engage in combat, since it will be calling in the shots on the advancing Americans.

Close up of the trench.

 The Panzer IV`s are replacing the Panzer III`s.

Tried something different with the photographing, any comments on how to improve would be nice. Not feeling so great, so I am sorry for the lousy writing. I am just wondering if this is a good idea for a first game. If not, please give ideas.

Keep well, Thanks for reading!

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