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Monday, 29 October 2012

Hat US Tank Riders

Finished these quite a little while ago, but only "based" them last week. Nice little figures, 4 NCO's, 4 Runners, 8 Tank Crewmen, and 28 infantry (44 in all). Picked these boys up at Emodels.com for about 5 euros(?). (Actual review here: http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=1837 ).

They were simply (and visibly) "Hot Glue Gun'd" to a strip of Popsicle sticks.

Here they are loaded up. I regrouped the ordinary infantry and the "Support" weapon teams into different benches, because you never know if you're ever going to need them.

 They fit the Pegasus GMC's perfectly, but the benches of the Italeri M3's are high enough, so they don't stay.

My photography is still very amateur, since I never really was good at it (even if I went through phases of photography in my youth!). I really liked them, but they are designed with wargammers in mind, hence the price, but they will certainly fit into anyone's US army, since the kit is filled with all kinds of miscellaneous figures that really accent the vehicles. Well worth it!

Thanks for reading, and for those who, like me, are unforunately feeling the wrath of hurricane Sandy. My thoughts go out to you!


  1. These look nice, a must for every US collection.

  2. Nice work. You've really got me fancying those trucks now!

    Cheers, Dave

  3. Good stuff! I've found the tank riders really useful as well, although I have to agree that they don't fit the Italeri M3s comfortably. I may have to add some GMCs to my collection now though!

    Hope you've not been hit too hard by Sandy, it's looked pretty tough on the news from here in Blighty. And I wouldn't apologise for your photography, it looks pretty darn good to me.

    1. Lovely little set indeed, the tiny box they came in was just adorable! Maybe PSC's future M3's may work better?

      And about Sandy, we just had a windstorm one night (the night I posted this), and apparently the worst is still to come. We live near Gatineau/Ottawa, so it won't be a full hurricane by the time it hits us.