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Friday, 7 September 2012

American Transport and AA Halftracks pt.1

I hope you have all been enjoying yourselves! 

As promised, I have the photos, and have also finished the weathering on the first two halftracks!

Sprayed with Tamiya "USAF Olive Drab" The pin wash came out useless, so I just gave it a powdering with the old Tamiya Master sets. Not sure yet if I will use my Tamiya "mud stick", or if I will give it a thick sand finish.
I will look online for some nice decals for these, but that is for another time.

I needed a gunner for my M3's, and just simply felt like cutting something up >:). I already had way too much mg figures (compared to my riflemen), and this pose is just way too flat.

First I cut off the gun, then the arm, and then I put an angled piece of plastic recycled from the base under his armpit. Not perfect, but perfectly fine for me!

Now on to the support halftrack. The Revell M16 AA Halftrack. I experienced a bit while painting this one, since I thought my sprays weren't  brown enough. I turned out almost orange looking, so I sprayed over it with the same colour as the other halftracks, that way they look more uniform and similar, key components in  organisation.

I used the driver figures from the Pegasus US Trucks, as they fit perfectly and seem to be to scale (I even made helmets for them out of clay).

Since these photos, I've applied basic decals and weathering (also drivers).

Halftracks in action!


  1. Nice work. A good way of adding a bit of character with US HTs is mixing up the national markings as there was little uniformity. With mine I'll give some large star-in-circle (ie proper air ident), some plain star and some no star at all on the bonnet. That can be mixed with any combo of no stars, small stars-in-circles or small stars on the sides.

    Cheers, Dave

    1. Thanks! So far I've just got decals on the M16, and am probably going to use some of the decals from the Italeri M4A2 Sherman III.


  2. Nice work on that gunner! Good job on the single .50 gunner too; you really ought to cut off his USMC pack though as it's different from the army one - and you wouldn't wear in in vehicle anyway:)

    I-94 enterprises is a good source for decals http://www.i-94enterprises.com/decals.htm