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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Incredible and generous gifts for the Sporadic and Elusive Poster

Good evening everyone!

A while ago, my generous friends from Bavaria, Lilith and Michael, had offered me something completely unexpected and incredible. They offered me over 6 complete brand new sets (all ones I was desperately looking for) along with over a 100 or so little extra figures! It is not the first time either, since two years ago they sent me German gun crews for my heavy howitzer, along with other bonus figures and an Osprey book on the 8th Army! And never once did they ask anything in return.

Now I've been going through quite stressful and trying times (but this is not a blog about this), and the surprise that these figures brought to me when I saw them in the mailbox brought me great joy. I can now officially say I have more figures than I can handle at the moment! Now, to stop buying them at every corner and repainting my obsolete ones!

Overall, what I am trying to say is thank you, Lilith and Michael. This gift you have sent me is one of the nicest things anyone has done for me in my entire life.

I thought the best way to show their worth to me is to show how much I have done with them since getting them!

Hat Sassanid Light and Levy Infantry:

Hat El Cid Andalusian Infantry & Moorish Command:

 Pegasus Gladiators WIP

Hat British Tank Riders:

And here is a little teaser for two current projects.

Once again great thank yous to both Michael and Lilith. My offers still stand!

Here is where I should promise new posts in a few days, but honestly I cannot say when will be the next time I'll post. So see you next time!

Have a great night,


  1. What a gift! Beautiful Antic figures!

  2. first off - as always the faerie courts are as very pleased with the creations of your great talent and imagination... each and every figure looks greatGREATgreat - thus the gift out of the royal spares-box is again fully justified - the royal parasite and me are really proud to have done our alittlebit to it!
    please don't worry about good things happening during life every day - we are now blessed with two young princesses to complete the royal dynasty - the reason for this "gift" was a rather tragic one - but now these deathcute, deadsmart and agile little angels are all mine - as soon as the adoption procedurs are finished...
    and to celebrate our fortune I guess we'll manage to bring another package on it's way to canada - as soon as the royal parasite stops tickling the princesses and finishes those darn german 88's, so that their odds and ends can go in addition of some almoravid and andalusian cavalry plus another moorish command group I recently traded in for some obsolete WWI flyers - I almost started painting them myself, but I'm not allowed to do so until I finish that wave of soviet SPG's and after that the swarms of IS-2's, GAZ-MM's and ZIS-6 trucks, not to mention the still missing T-34/85's and the soviet tank riders and and and... lucky me will be working on part time conditions while staying at home in service of the baby-princess - so I will still have some time to dream of imperial romans and blue-tattooed barbarians roaming the shelves and occasional battlefields...
    so don't stop modelling and posting, swinging the brushes is always a good thing even if times are not that great or the little baby-jedi-knightess can't sleep again... there is always another idea to implement or something new to find out - life is great - even in 1:72!

    1. Hello again Lilith, so great to hear from you.

      It's good to hear that the business with the little ones is coming along nicely. I hear they are much more difficult to take care and manage than 1:72 ones!

      I am overwhelmed by your offering of yet another gift. You truly are too generous! Honestly the Moorish cavalry sets were also on my to-buy list, ready to add to the bulk of my diverse Arab cavalry swarm.

      And as for the other Moorish command set, go ahead, paint it for yourself! One is all that I need, and the second would probably end up being chopped up to make new poses!

      You mention dreaming of Imperial Romans and blue Barbarians, by this do you mean Celts? I can, as a thank you gift, buy a few sets and paint them up for you as you'd fancy, and ship them off to you, completely free of charge?

      I'll put my best into those figures, as I know enough of the subject, and am also quite fascinated by it at the moment, making painting those figures quite a fun task!

      I'll let you decide, and as always, thank you and have a great day!

  3. part one:
    hahaha, my two young personal angels are almost perfect young ladies and even aspiring painters - and they are getting better & better every day! my warrior girls even learn how to deal with the royal parasites last desperate attempts to keep up at least some patriarchal authority... there are already some really epic tales going around about their giggling victories on the living room sofa... heroic tales of their even more heroic subdueing of his futile resistance against going to the playground - he hates sitting with the local young moms expecting some conversation about the problems of education and the boring program on TV... legends are told about the princesses' generous use of his person as kinda animated rest furniture... and I bet the day is near when he will even cease to complain about the gang of amazon marauder girls eating his very last treasured tea bisquit when they raided his secret stash hidden away in the royal kitchen!

    I'm so proud as a peacock how well the girls do - besides slipping step by step out of the trauma of losing their natural mom and their familiar surroundings - and their mom was a great mom and an artist too, the girls are her very masterpiece - and soon they are all mine!

    but again - our little support for your talent and art isn't really worth mentioning - just imagine the figures just catching dust or being traded again into another bitsbox or even into oblivion - and see what you have made out of them!
    I enlarged some of the pictures of the archers and contemplate them quite often - calculating their colour schemes for this or that project running between my ears - it was well worth it to give them to you instead of wasting them away in times of slaving endlessly for late war camouflage, construction of trench lines or anti tank positions... last week I had to rebel against the production plans and painted a pegasus WWII french colonial infantry regiment in one go for protest - just because I couldn't see any trace of RAL 7028, 6003 and 8017 anymore without starting to scream and curse even the new airbrush I got for birthday (along with a waffen-ss graveyard diorama highlighted by a soviet mortar foxhole between those weird burial runes they used to mark the end of a heroic war criminal'!)

    okay, I really will keep the moorish command for myself and paint them- in secret, so tell noone or I will be chained to the painting desk and forced to slave again at the eastern front... but the moorish cavalry is agreed upon and maybe we have some hasegawa "kettenkrads" for your stalingrad-project - simply because I refuse to paint them as soviet booty vehicles as the boys in our club want me to...

    1. part two:
      for the celtic dreams of the faerie queen - I still haven't worked out how to assemble the wild horde of my secret twilight visions, the italieri celts are really "celtic" with their bare chested warriors and their spiked hair, but the set lacks variety of the poses and the set I like second best, the venerated esci barbarians are more "germanic" than celtic... I haven't found good pictures of the caesar set and - really bad - there is no really cinvincing celtic cavalry and I might be forced to hire some gothic riders and convert them back into celtic style. even the chariots by hät need some extras to stop them looking bleak and almost sterile - I started experimenting with miliput and I'm slowly getting better with the stuff, so I guess I will give them a try sooner or later - they even offer a warrior queen to lead the horde... an opportunity that should not go wasted!

      looking at your war elephants again I would be glad if you paint a chariot or two for me in your very own personal style and talent - but please don't run off to buy them - we will manage to break through the bonus barrier of the most important mail order services soon, so it would be a waste of money to buy them more expensive than necessary just because you feel you own us something - you really owe us n o t h i n g...!
      maybe I#ll start concentrating on the imperial romans first, they can do without cavalry and the only problem with them is to get the backlist zwezda auxiliary infantry to have a heathy number of archers and slingers.

      tell me if you need something you can't get in canada or the US and I will look for it in the offers of our european eastern mail order services, there is also a nice guy in french lorraine offering almost every backlist hät/caesar or zvezda set - and we have a heap of his bonus-markers in the royal treasury to trade in for free sets...

      on the other hand I might ask for your help hunting down 4 or 5 of these darn sd.kfz 222 armoured recon cars from dragon models - in europe they aren't avaliable at a reasonable price and my war gaming revenge on my slave masters in the gaming club still needs some fast moving edge to fulfill it's duty as a kampfgruppe for the unseelie courts - and as the queen in distress that I am, I really have the need for some revenge in dragon models accurateness!

      but today is friday - so I will escort my favorite pirate girls to the well tempered indoor swimming baths and have my day sweetened by watching them doing-the-navy-seal or the little-great-pink-shark again... especially the younger one has a cute way to do the dead man on her back, smiling her very own baby-jedi-smile while only waiting for a chance to ambush her sister or me for a ride through the waves... are there any cute mermaids in 1:72?

      so I hope you keep on doing your thing, have all the fun avaliable within reach, not only of the brushes but in real life too - and don't think twice, it's allright to accept things coming along for free, especially if they come with the best wishes of the faerie courts and the league of young mermaids waking up from their beauty sleep right in this very moment!
      I gotta go having some fun, so let me bet farewell to you...
      lilith the proud and stepmother of the seven seas!

    2. Thanks for the encouragement Lilith! It is greatly appreciated. Sorry to hear about the whole slave labor bit, can't really help you on that one. I guess I'll do like what most nations do nowadays and turn a blind eye to it.

      About the Moorish command set: Keep it! One is plenty enough, even more so if you have an interest in it! It is an excellent set and one that is very enjoyable to paint. I find the oriental clothes and patterns are very good for bringing out that whole color coding creative part of one's mind. (Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your secret, especially not on a public website ;)

      I am overwhelmed once again by your generous gifts. The Kettengrads are definetely welcome, as I was looking for some to supply my Fallschirmjaeger.

      You said you can't find good pictures of the caesar celts, what if I post some? I have the set, and will gladly post some finished pictures online. But until then, here is some excellent ones painted by someone else: http://bennosfiguresforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=4847
      It really is quite a fantastic set. And for the lack of diversity of the Italeri Celts, I can buy a box and give you have, that way we both get some variety and get to add some diversity to our ranks.

      And no cavalry? Have you seen the Hat set:

      I am definetely on board for the Chariot. I have always been fascinated by them and wanted to paint one, but couldn't really find a use for it. I can definetely buy you the set if you like, and paint and modify it.

      I couldn't find the Zvezda set either, even with all my searching. I did find an (in my opinion) adequate substitute, the Hat set:
      It has a tremendous amount of archers and slingers, something missing from the more infantry focused Zvezda set.

      I will definetly keep an eye out for the Sd.kfz.222's. Any price range on them?

      I hope you had fun at the pool, and terribly sorry about answering so I could do a little research!

      To a bright tomorrow,

  4. as the royal parasite and bold defender of the living room sofa its my duty and pride to correct a few things:
    there has never occured a disgrace like "heroic victories" of a certain bunch onf wild invaders from the cave girls cave - the sofa is still the jewel of male brilliance and of course male dominance too!
    the royal kitchen has always been a lawless place where insatiable female raiders stole the little comforts of the good and weary.
    complaints related to these raids are no complaints at all, but valid accusations!
    painting french colonial infantry in almost-one-go in times of dire need for more t-34/85's and the refusal to paint any of the führers's finest tigers is a crime unheard of in the annals of the gaming club!
    pretending to be in need of revenge for an alleged "slavery" on the eastern front sounds more than odd - using witchcraft for outmaneuvering and then targetting unpainted and helpless tigers on the fields of glory and committing a bloody slaughter of the führers finest with only 4 t-34/85's and two squads of soviet assault troopers is the vilest of sorceries!!
    thus you already had your revenge, woman - so return to your duties at the painting table immediately!
    your complicity with the said bunch of wild cave girls, aka even wilder warrior princesses, aka even more wilder pirate girls will get you nothing but another wave of painting duties just to cool your temper - and even numerical superiority and gender conspirated cheating with the dice is no match for the brilliance and justified beyond any doubts the necessary continuation of the benevolent and merciful patriarchate!
    now bring on your sleepwear armoured princesses who won't go to sleep without another defeat in the royal tickling contest...

    michael b., royal parasite, proud lord defeater of the cave girl clans

    1. Good to hear from the other side of the coin! Your iron grip seams to be loosening ;)

      And harboring criminals? Inexcusable of any faction.

      Good luck in the coming conflicts!

  5. hahah, the queen is amused...
    I will ask my painting angels for another portrait of you, depicting you in all your benevolent glory BESIDES the living room sofa held valiantly by the princesses...
    and consider to call you ramses II. - because I'm almost sure he lost his sofa too - even before he "won" at kadesh... but please stop complaining about some creative use of the rules and the benefits of cooperative information exchange between sisters and their proud stepmother!
    lilith the proud, stepmother of all cave girl artisans!