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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hat 1/72 Huns (as Mongols)

Good Sunday evening!

I finally got back to taking pictures, now that my phone situation has been surpassed. I am now trying out things with fixing the photos I take by using the edit feature in Google Photos (just fixing the colours, not photo shopping the imperfections!).

Here is one of the sets I got from my brother a few months back. I actually had problems with one of the sprues where a horse was incomplete and a rider had a less detailed face, but after contacting Hat they sent me an entire sprue to replace that figure. Thanks Hat!

Since last posting, I have decided to no longer pursue my wide mild-fantasy direction with my figures, and instead using them as, "light history" as one may call it. Instead of having one big Game of Thrones type world with Romans, Greeks, Samurai, Mongols, Conquistadors and late Medieval Knights all struggle in the same timeline, I will break them up into their appropriate times (ex. Samurai vs. Samurai; Mongols vs. Arabs, Chinese, Europeans; Greeks vs. Persian; Romans vs. Celts, Carthaginians, Germans, anyone who isn't Roman).

Anyways, here are figures. They could work as Huns, but I am using them as Mongols. They are quite large for steppe nomads, only being comparable to the Zvezda set in scale (and even then they are bigger), but that can be passed off as them wearing extra layers of clothes ;).

Now as can be seen, this guy has been modified a little. That is because I recently acquired some Greenstuff, which is excellent for adding little things to models, and is actually quite cheap for the amount you get! Highly recommended.

My favorite modification of the bunch, I really like the way the helmet turned out.

Anyways I have quite a few photos taken and ready to go, and have gotten my life a little bit in control, so expect more posts finally!

Up next should be some customized Roman Centurions made from the strelets marching sets.

Spring is finally here, so have a good week!!!!!
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  1. oh my - impressive work as usual - the court is very pleased...
    I too gave up on the roman project - instead we started an Amazon army (dark alliance), because my eldest princess claims that girls always win... and she's having such fun painting zebra-striped mounts for the cavalry (while her younger sister tries not to eat any figures... and her queen-mom is still slaving on the last round of slave-projects...)
    I hope I'll get your package ready this month, andalusians & almoravids are already prepared and there will be some marine surprise for you, just the fujimi-krads and a battery of 3,7 cm-ATG's are lingering in the slaving-list...
    I hope I can count on you to help me with the Dragon-Sd.Kfz. 222, since there are two per box I would go as far as 25 CDND - I need some nine of these vehicles and if you have no trouble changing european euros in your currency, I'll send the money for five boxes with your packages...
    it's so nice to see how you go with everything on and these hun-mongols are really great, true sons of the steppes - I really love these subdued, weathered colors on hordes of models!

  2. Hey Lilith!

    Good to hear the girls are having fun. I have painted up a Persian horse as a zebra in the past, and can post it tomorrow if you like. You and your girls fascination with amazons does give me a little inspiration on a future project/present for you.

    And MORE figures to send. As I've said before, I am very grateful of your generosity! The cavalry sets are ones I have been meaning to buy, to fill in the ranks of my Islamic Horde, yet can't seem to find anywhere.

    And I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "marine surprise", was that a mistake? Or part of the surprise! :)

    And for the Dragon kits, I have no issue whatsoever with going ahead with it! I'll have a look around this weekend, and update you by email. And are you sure you want to send the money through the post? I think it would be a little safer/simpler to send it through PayPal.

    Thanks once again Lilith!

    1. 'ey there!
      if you need more than one of each of the four sets of spanish followers of the true faith - just tell me, I got a very nice source in Lorraine able to supply any number of them. it's the same source that provided me with the s w i m m i n g surprise just for a bag of their bonus markers... and after I won't do any romans I have no use for it, besides that, my eldest princess decided that the Amazons will set sail carthagian and maybe greek style - and your birthday is in april too...

      sadly paypal doesn't work for us evil sinners anymore - some time ago we made a donation to kurds fighting those IS-heretics in Irak - and we didn't know that pp blocks such transfers and now we're on kinda blacklist - along with Irak and Cuba and...
      sending the money with the package seems pretty safe, we always send stuff by the tracking mode offered by german mail. I only need to know if I should exchange the amount already here in germany into canadian currency - or if you can exchange it in your area without a problem.

      The girls are really so G R E A T, my eldest recently made me a "pink panther" (sd.kfz 171...) - with zebra stripes (!!!)
      I think she comes much after her mom, like her posessed by some strange and persistent genia - she really worked hard and long on it, but on the end I wouldn't have done it better and her use of subtle nuancing of the colors is far more effordless than my sweating endeavours...
      and yes, please post that persian zebra - I bet she'll love to see it and her collection of zebra-pictures surely needs some completition!
      she's really a talent and I wonder how the little one will turn out when she leaves her very own personal geostationary orbit finally and steps down to become a truly terrestrial being like her sister - by now she's fluttering back and forth between her and her cat familiars world and us poor mortals - and her ways are still much too deep for a mere human mind to understand - but she likes her sisters zebra-style obviously quite a lot!

      but now back to the slaving, more Tigers and FW 190's for my almost former masters... why do germans never play allied armies with shermans and churchills or those dead-sexy M3 Lee & Grants?!!!

      you are welcome - and keep care!

  3. superb work !