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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Zvezda Numidian Cavalry Pt.1

Here are some of my test figures of Hannibal's infamous Numidian cavalry. April has been the month for Punic Wars for me, and these were a must have. I painted their skin a little too dark, but the next ones will be done with an even lighter tone (seems like the historians are still debating their skin colour).

On this first batch I decided to play it safe, and not get too creative with them, and have made much more interesting ones since (coming later!). I like the speed at which they can be painted, and the figures are up to Zvezda's incredible standard. Just spend some time trimming away at the extra plastic found under their arms and such.

I am planning on getting the hat set at a later time in order to bolster the ranks.

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  1. Very nice! I'd like to get a set of these to mix them up with the HaT ones. I wonder how well they might mix?

  2. Thanks Nick! It seems they are a little bigger than the hat ones, but they should be fine in separate units.