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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Armourfast M10's Pt.2

Just because I haven't posted anything new during the past few days, doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything. I've finished (almost) the M10's, I've built and painted another Egyptian building, a Normandy style building, and have painted countless Germans infantry (which I am still trying to photograph, without any success). 

I chose the M10's because they were the only "Tank-Killing-Tank" the US had during the North Arfrican campaign and were very common during the Sicilian/Italian Campaign. They also posed a nice little challenge, trying to make it look like there is no floor at the bottom of the turret, while still having a fully traversing turret .

I stole the sandbags from many reference photos and other gamers models. I remember watching a program where they had a veteran who drove an m10, and he explained how they had sandbags to give them a little extra bit of protection. This first M10 as seen here is more organised looking then the second, and has 1x 50.cal in back. Drivers are from the Hat "US Tanki Riders" set. the one with the greener shirt actually had nothing under his torso, so I added some clay to ressemble a body, and painted it to blend in with the rest of the figure.

They are both sprayed with Tamiya USAF Drab. The shells in the turret are simply tooth pick bits filled down. The sandbags are clay.

Same weathering procedure as the M4A2's.

Here is the second one, looking much more messy and untidy, wich was common sight on a battlefield.

The left figure is the mortar figure from the second Italeri US infantry set.

The system I used for the seemingly bottomless turret is to have one strip of plasticard (or if your smart enough, just leave some of the original floor and cut around it like so).

I then gave it a swivel hinge by making a second plastic strip on the turret, and glued a piece of a toothpick.

Hope you like them. I will add some shell boxes whenever I get my Ground Vehicles set from Academy models, and will add more stowage and decals. Any suggestions? I am sorry that I am not too great in explaining, and add to much useless details. If there are any questions I`d love to answer them.

Thanks for reading,
and more to come!



  1. Looking great mate. I had the same idea for making ammunition piles for my Artillery units. Toothpicks or wood skewers! Excellent!
    As about crates and boxes, do you know Sgts mess website? It sells many goodies! There's the link:

    1. Thanks for the link, I know my wallet is mad at you right now! I find it ridiculous though that some pay 2 euros for a couple of empty shells, easily made in bulk by using toothpicks. Thanks!

  2. Nice work, are you going to add some markings?

    1. I was thinking of it, and I have some stars leftover from the Italeri M4A2's. On another note, Paul do you know where I can buy more decals for a reasonable price? Thanks!

    2. Mmmm Bison decals spring to mind, but depending on where you are you may be able to get them cheaper.


      Cheers Paul