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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

LCI Scratch-Build Pt1.

Here is a post from a couple months ago. I will be posting it in a couple posts, so it will give the feel of a WIP (Even though it's been months). Let's just pretend this is new! (It looks horrible at this stage, and the stage it is at now  is much more pleasing to the eye in my opinion).

The model was made to be a wargame model that would still look nice on a shelf for display. 

 The main hull and the tower part are made of foam parts that came with a workout bench, I also used popsicle sticks for doors and panels, and I used syro foam cups for the little gunner posts. 

From the front: 
I have hollowed out the top of the steering post (sorry, I do not know the correct terms ). I have reinforced it with wood, made to look like metal. 

For the Oerlikon, I just modified my Polsten gun from my Airfix Buffallo, as the Polsten was a low cost version of the Oerlikon and looked quite similar. (Now I just need another three ) It still needs some work though... The shields are made of credit card plastic, the shoulder things are staples from a crate, the  is made of multiple little caps I found in the garage, but from wich products I can't remember. 

I have just realised how stupid and oversized those toothpicks look, and will replace themwith popsicle sticks. I also need to add more wood to the frame of the little tower parts interior, as it is too deep.

More to come,
Thanks for reading!

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